WE THE FANS by ESPN is a project telling the stories of the Chicago Bears fans. The digital experience is mobile-first, video-centric and capture the major characters, themes, energy and scope of the series. Here are some of my explorations for this project from concepts to the final product.

This project was very interesting because it was the first time I was working with a client giving us a lot of freedom. Our only limits were time and money of course. From all the range of ideas we had, I came up with 3 main concepts from a webgl experience to an interactive film. We finally selected the webgl concept because it was something we could manage better with the time we had.

Concept Sketch 01

The first concept was a webgl experience driving the user through a famous football Hall Of Fame. Personnal objects of the Chicago Bears fans would have been presented as trophies to tell their stories.

Concept Sketch 02

The second concept was driving the user through the Soldier Field of Chicago. User could navigate in the stadium to see the Section 250, and explore the stories of the fans by clicking on the seats.

Concept Sketch 03

The last concept was an interactive movie taking you inside a tailgate, celebration before every football game, to meet the fans. User could experience the tailigate in an immersive video and at the same time meet some of the most faithful Bears fan.

Final Layout

The final design is base on the concept 02. We selected this one because it was an opportunity to work on another webgl experiment, and it was also less complicated than gathering objects of the fans (concept 01) or even film an interesting interactive video (concept 03).


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