Capture Life In Motion. This project is the result of a collaboration with LG and Hello Monday. We designed a product design page for the launch of their new phone, the LG V20. Here's a part of the design development I created.

This project was a little "complicated" because we started without any content and branding guides for the phone..(no informations about the phone, the colors, the tone..). My first reaction was to create a website around pictures to explain the features of the phone in a simple layout. Since Samsung is dark, bold and surrealistic, Apple is light, elegant but "elistist" and too perfect, we wanted to create something different for LG by giving them a more authentic, warmer and friendlier touch.

After a couple of weeks, we knew a little more: the phone would have a branding style using a lot of bright colors. I tried to use this information to quickly create a new idea based on a deconstructed grid with modules using bright colors picked from new images.

Layout variation

Final Layout

The final design is using the colors of the LG V20 lockscreen which was provided later by the LG team for the branding of the phone. I kept the grid idea and used some of the colors to highlight details of the phone and display animated icons. This project was a challenge because I had to design something that could work with colors very flashy withought knowing them and without any description of the features until the last week (yes, it was crazy..!), it was a good exercice to see how I could design something simple and let it completely flexible for the client without changing the entire design at the end of the project (...).